About Peck's Builders Art

How Richard got his start in the industry; Richard Peck was born in Los Angeles, CA. in 1939 and lived in LA through his high school years.

University High School Los Angeles

After graduating from high school he attended Santa Monica Jr. College, Orange Coast College and Laguna School of Art. His Majors were Electronics, Architectural Illustration, Management and Fine Art.

Between 1957-1960. Richard worked at Kett Engineering, Renner Inc., Motorola as a Technical Illustrator, and General Telephone-Draftsman.

In Feb, 1960 Richard took on the challenge of working for Douglas Aircraft: doing Silkscreen Fabrication, Circuit Boards, Nameplates and Murals for the DC8 & DC10 aircrafts.

DC8 McDonnell Douglas

In Sept, 1964 Richard left McDonnell Douglas and went to Pasadena, CA. at Nelson Nameplate Co. as a foreman over
8 people (including 3 Navajo Indians)*

In Sept, 1965 Richard returned to McDonnell Douglas hired as an Assistant Foreman over Silkscreen, Encapsulation, Circuit Boards and refurbishing of Umbilical Cords that ran from the Block House to the S-IVB on pad. He was involved in training Tech Personnel to silkscreen on site at Cape Canaveral. At that time he was supervising a total of 35 people at McDonnell Douglas, Santa Monica.

In April,1969; Richard left McDonnell Douglas and drove to Fairbanks, Alaska up the Al Can Highway in his 1965 Ford Econoline Van. The van took a beating. He was in need of money to fix his van so he got a job with the emergency fire crews. When the fire season starts in Fairbanks they look for seasoned fire fighters from the years before. In his case he had no fire fighting experience but had experience with organizing people and some experience with the Indian Culture*.

First Fire Fight 1965 Ford Econoline Van First Fire Fight 1965 Ford Econoline Van

In Fairbanks, the Athabaskan Indians knew how to fight fires. They hired him to keep them organized and he learned as much as he could as fast as he could. After several forest fires, some made it to the hot shot fire crews. They were picked to go on “Helitac” for the Fairbanks Bureau of Land Management.

First Fire Fight

They would send them out in a Helicopter to hold the fire line until the regular fire crews were able to make it to the fire. Note: If you have time to take pictures of the fire you have time to fight it. No photos until after we have done our job. If you didn' agree with that you would be releaved of your command!

In October of 1969, he returned to Orange County and stayed with his family. His Sister-in-law was a watercolor artist working out of her back room. She and her partner did Architectural Illustrations and Topo Tables for a few clients. So in November of 1971, they decided to form a new company, the beginning of “Peck’s Builders Art”...

In February of 1972, he moved “PBA” out of the house and into a small office. In 1976, after a few moves they had Silkscreen capability. They were building displays, spray painting, vinyl lettering and still doing Illustrations. They had up to 13 people and close to 3,000 sq. Ft.. In 1983 Richard Peck bought out his partner and is still in business today doing graphic arts.